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Review of international exhibitions


In March, the South China International Oral Exhibition known as the industry benchmark opened in Guangzhou. Eighteeth Medical with excellent products first appeared on the international stage. In the exhibition, our company’s root canal treatment instrument attracted lots of domestic and foreign customers.






After the South China Oral Exhibition, we participated in the International Dental Exhibition in Cologne, German. In exhibition, our products attracted a large number of foreign customers and won the recognition and praise from customers all over the world. Many customers signed contract with our company. After several months of trade, our customers have said that our products are of good quality and good service.










In the past exhibition in Beijing, Eighteeth Medical won the recognition of dental professionals and customers by our excellent products again. Our exhibition site was bustling with customers every day. And the products sold out in exhibition. The huge response in Beijing exhibition once again proved the strength of our products.




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