Extraoral Dental Vacuum System

  • VacStation is an extraoral aerosol vacuum device to prevent blood,virus,dust and other substance from spreading in dental treatment like high-speed drilling, dental laser and electrosurge procedures,etc.

    Model VacStation
    Voltage AC220V/50Hz
    Maximum Suction Power 3000Pa(10 levels adjustment)
    Maximum Volume 3.7m³/Min
    Noise Decibel 62db
    Weight 21kg
    Dimensions 53cm*46cm*60cm

HEPA filtration system

H13 level, trap virus and germs ≥0.3μm with 99.97% efficiency

High-fiber moisture intake cotton filter

aerosol capture and moisture drying

hepa filter

catch dust and spit with 99% efficiency

efficient compound filter
(include another hepa h13 filter)

with the function of adsorption, sterilization and filtration

Brushless Motor

higher power ,longer life, lower noise

UV light

intensity 2260uw/cm² ,wavelength 265-285nm, killing virus and bacteria with high efficiency