Sifary | Eighteeth Announces Acquisition of Leading Intraoral Scanner Company: ZHEAN Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Developers of Helios Series Intraoral Scanner)

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Recently, Changzhou Sifary Medical Technology Co., Ltd.(brand name: Eighteeth) signed an agreement with a leading intraoral scanner company—ZHEAN Healthcare Co., Ltd.(Developers of Helios Series Intraoral Scanner) to complete the acquisition.


ZHEAN Healthcare Co., Ltd. is an innovative manufacturer specializing in the research&development, production and sales of oral digitalization, and intelligent diagnosis and treatment equipment. The intraoral scanner in its core product can be used in the fields of restoration, orthodontics, dental implant and so on, which is of great significance in clinical application.

The chief engineer of ZHEAN Healthcare is a university professor and postdoc at the University of Chicago. Its mechanical engineer is the chief engineer worked at Carestream Dental, and optical and electronic engineers are senior engineers worked at Zeiss. Its software algorithm team worked at companies such as Carestream, NVIDIA and Siemens. It is a team with more than 10 years of algorithm development experience.

The Chest CAD developed by ZHEAN Healthcare is the earliest AI diagnostic software registered in CFDA. The virtual dual energy algorithm they studied was integrated in the Carestream DR system. In addition, ZHEAN Healthcare has developed a post-processing algorithm system for mobile DR for ICU. Oral digitalization is the premise and foundation of the oral AI. Based on the oral 3D data obtained by intraoral scanner and CBCT, ZHEAN Healthcare and Shanghai Jiaotong University (Top 10 Computer Science Universities in the world) developed the full jaw tooth algorithm system containing oral scanning and CBCT data.


The intraoral scanner of ZHEAN Healthcare can achieve continuous scanning with high-speed and high-precision. Its powerful AI technology has reached the leading level in China.

As the first step of oral digitalization, the intraoral scanner is of vital to the construction of the dental digitalization. After completing the acquisition, ZHEAN Healthcare will quickly cover the global market with the brand advantages of Eighteeth. 

In the future, Eighteeth aims to extend dental digital products and become top digital solutions manufacturer in the world. And Eighteeth will build oral digitalization ecosystem and patient information platform to facilitate doctor-patient communication and design.